Hello! I’m Marco Cimitan, 41, born and raised in Venice – a city I know like the back of my hand!

I have been sailing on a boat for over twenty years and for 13 I worked for the most important luxury hotels in the city. Finally, after 4 years of strenuous restoration work carried out with the help of a master craftsman, I was able to realize my dream: to sail around the lagoon on my boat, which I called ‘Narciso’ – a beautiful traditional boat called ‘bragozzetto’ ‘, which I have loved since I was a child, and which today offers my passengers the opportunity to experience special emotions and unforgettable moments, those that can only be experienced by experiencing Venice from the water.

Upon request, we can organize tours of the lagoon of an extended duration, from aperitif to sunset – ideal for those who stay only a few days but still want to savor the romantic atmosphere of the Venice lagoon – or more detailed half-day or full-day tours, to explore enchanted places away from the crowds.

After almost one week of exploring the alleys of Venice, visiting museums and many gelato breaks, we wrapped up our week with Marco on his traditional Venetian boat, a bragozzetto. It was an exceptional finish to our stay in Venice.

Marco picked us up in his beautifully preserved boat at our agreed spot and we started the tour with a glass of prosecco he brought for us, and some very good cicchetti.

Marco let my 5 year old, steer the boat through some canals of Venice, using hand gestures to gently guide him. He took us into the Arsenale, where we saw a dry-docked submarine, coast guard and naval vessels. And then we were on to the islands - Burano, Torcello, San Francesco del Deserto, and a brief stop on Murano so the kids could buy their souvenirs.

We travelled through the channels of undeveloped islands where we could imagine the lagoon of 1300 years ago, before Venice existed, making me realize anew just how amazing the city's existence really is.

We passed smaller islands where people live quietly and saw a car being delivered on one - even Marco had to laugh at that.

We watched ladies making lace on Burano, stopped for some fried fish on Torcello, and visited the Byzantine church there. I loved San Francesco del Deserto, a beautiful Franciscan monastery. This lush green island was a quiet oasis from the bustle of Venice.

Marco showed us a side of Venice and the lagoons we could not have seen any other way. He was professional, pleasant and easy-going. He was eager to show us the Venice he obviously loves, and made me fall a bit more in love with this remarkable part of the world.

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