Hi my name’s Anna. Having taught cookery and Italian and studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts here in Venice, I am now a personal chef for private events and particularly love cooking with others to create traditional Venetian, Italian and Mediterranean dishes with an emphasis on simple, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

And I’m Marta! – Born in Venice where I studied architecture, my real passion is the arts…and the art of being together! For me, cooking has always been an integral part of my life and I feel lucky to be able to express this as a private chef. Cooking in Italy is a vital ingredient of our social life and it’s a huge and mouth-watering universe to explore!

Together we started ‘Komida’ – a fun ‘hands on’ concept where clients take part in preparing typical Venetian dishes within convivial surroundings together making a banquet we all share and enjoy!

Your cooking experience starts at the famous Rialto food market – a thrilling sensory smorgasbord of colours, sounds, textures and aromas where you’ll join us in selecting the morning’s freshest fish/seafood, fruit, vegetables and meats to create a super-seasonal menu in tune with your tastes. Then we’ll stop off at a typical Venetian ‘bacaro’ – as is customary when shopping in these parts! – for a refreshing prosecco or your tipple of choice before returning to your apartment to prepare our culinary feast.

For ideas take a look at the following sample menu or let us recommend a special ‘Menu of the Day’ – tell us about your likes and desires, rest assured there’ll be plenty of choice!

Venetian Menu


Folpo coi sedani Boiled octopus with celery – Gluten free

Sarde in savore triestino Fried sardines dressed with a sweet and sour dressing (lemon, vinegar, sugar), Dalmatian-Venetian recipe

Verdure in saor Seasonal vegetables Venetian style, with sweet and sour onions, raisins and pine nuts

Capesante al forno Local scallops, baked and served in their own shells with sliced red radicchio or small artichokes

Fondi di carciofo trifolati Artichoke hearts cooked with garlic, parsley, olive oil – Gluten free

Baccalà mantecato Creamed dried cod fish, served with polenta (Venetian recipe) – Gluten  free

First Dishes

Pasta alla “Buzara” Home made pasta with prawns and hot tomato sauce (Venetian-Dalmatian recipe)

Linguine con le vongole Pasta with clams

Bigoli col ragù d’anatra Home made pasta with duck meat

Risotto di verdure Rice with seasonal vegetables such as chicory, pumpkin, peas, asparagus, artichokes – Gluten free

Risotto all’Amarone Rice cooked with Amarone red wine, from Verona – Gluten free

Pasta e fagioli Soup with home made pasta and beans, can be served with chicory instead of pasta – Gluten free

Main Dishes

Pesce in cisame Fish marinated with vinegar, onions, almond and honey

Baccalà alla vicentina Dried cod baked with milk, anchovies, capers and parmesan cheese, from Vicenza

Seppie in tecia Squid in its ink sauce served with white polenta – Gluten free

Fritto misto Mixed fried lagoon fish and vegetables

Bosega al forno Mullet baked with potatoes – Gluten free

Fegato alla veneziana Veal liver cooked with onions – Gluten free


Zaleti e vin dolce Venetian cookies with corn flour and raisins, served with sweet wine

Esse di Burano e vin dolce Typical egg and butter Lagoon cookies, served with sweet wine

Zabaione con lingue di gatto Sweet egg cream served with little cookies

Bussolà Cake made with molasses, cocoa, pepper, pine-nuts and candied fruit, from Murano

Pere al vino rosso Pears cooked in red wine and spices, served with vanilla ice cream – Gluten free

Sgroppino Lemon ice with prosecco and vodka – Gluten free

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