Checking-out of your apartment on the morning of your departure but not leaving Venice until later that day?

Now you can make the most of your last precious hours in Venice by allowing luggage transport experts ‘Trasbagagli’ take care of all your bags!

After collecting your luggage from your apartment between 8am and 10am on the morning of your check-out, Trasbagagli will deliver it safely and on time to one of the following Venice departure points ready for your onward journey later that same day

  • Marco Polo Airport (Guests collect their luggage from: Trasbagagli’s Left-Luggage office on the ground floor)
  • Santa Lucia Railway Station (Guests collect their luggage from: Platform N°1)
  • Bus Station Piazzale Roma (Guests collect their luggage from: Trasbagagli’s Left-Luggage office in Piazzale Roma)
  • Venice Port (Luggage is delivered directly to your travel cabin)

So instead of being saddled with the stresses of heavy baggage, you can enjoy your final moments in Venice being ‘footloose and fancy-free’… perhaps lunching at your leisure and savouring more sights… safe in the knowledge that you’ll be reunited with your belongings at the right place, at the right time, and all with minimal effort on your part.

Note that luggage is charged at a rate of €12.50 per bag and that a minimum requirement of 2 bags per booking applies.

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