Step aboard the spectacular ‘EOLO’ lagoon sailboat and experience a side of Venice few visitors ever see

Discover the otherworldliness of Venice’s lagoon-scape of teal-green velvet waters embroidered with islands large and small, while indulging in a cuisine rooted deep in its surroundings under the captaincy and in the company of skipper-cum-chef, Mauro Stoppa.

Featured in Condé Nast Traveler, Marie Claire, Orient Express Magazine and the International Herald Tribune, the remarkable russet red-sailed Eolo is one of the last of its kind – a flat-bottomed sailing boat known as a ‘bragozzo’ once commonly used for fishing Venice’s shallow lagoon waters and the open sea in the long distant days of the Serenissima Republic.

One of 3 identical vessels constructed in 1946 in the nearby port of Chioggia and used as a fishing boat for over 20 years, the Eolo was acquired by Mauro in 1998 and has since been restored to her former glory and refurbished internally in a true labour of love to offer unforgettable year-round navigation of the meandering waterways where time stands still and senses reach new heights.

Venice and the lagoon is a wonderful revelation with a history, ecosystem and not to mention, a cuisine of its own.

Based on the freshest fish and seafood, local meat, game and seasonal vegetables available, and inextricably linked through the use of spices and what were once considered exotic fruits, such as raisins, to the far-off lands and ancient trade routes on which Venice built her vast historic empire,

flavourful Venetian specialities to be savoured on deck – and by the amber glow of lanterns at night – are expertly prepared by host Mauro and his crew, and paired with wines from the Veneto/Friuli and beyond to offer a fabulous celebratory top note to your voyage on the lagoon.


Daily Cruise

Min 6 guests, max 18 guests

Duration 5/8 hours from 10am/6pm – 5pm/12pm

  • Embark: The Island of Vignole (very close to Venice – just east of the district of Castello – and easily reachable by private water taxi or by vaporetto (public water bus))
  • Excursions with sail/motor boat to the islands in the lagoon north of Venice. Sant’ Erasmo, Saline, Torcello, etc.
  • Lunch or supper on board, based on Venetian & Eolo cuisine

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