From a romantic dinner with a loved one that you want to get ‘just right’ to a lavish corporate banquet that lasts well into the night…

Whether planning a special celebration with friends or simply a long overdue and well-earned rest away from the heat of the kitchen, maybe a garden cocktail party for colleagues, or some good honest Venetian home-style cooking to be enjoyed by all your family, we can make it happen with our chosen team of chefs!

One of the greatest joys of staying in a Venice apartment is to dine at home ‘a casa’ with your family, friends and guests. So sit back, relax and leave arrangements to your chef, or even roll your sleeves up and help out with the prep – shopping at the Rialto market, choosing the freshest fish caught that very day along with local vegetables from the island of Sant’ Erasmo in the Venetian Lagoon, and creating with your chef a menu perfectly suited to your tastes and requirements.

Let our chef surprise you with a delicious seasonal hamper for a picnic on the beach, or some chilled prosecco and canapés for a moonlight gondola ride along hidden canals, with only the splash of the oar and the popping of a cork to break the silence – heavenly!

And you don’t have to stop there, tempt and satisfy your palate with

  • An informal brunch for friends in the garden or on the terrace
  • A pizza-making contest for your family to see who makes the best topping
  • A wine tasting evening in a verdant palazzo garden or its impressive ‘androne’ with canapés and wines from the Veneto or other specific Italian region
  • A gourmet dinner under the stars on an ‘altana’ rooftop terrace
  • Cocktails against a background of live classical music and song
  • Even learn the secrets of risotto and more…!

The only limit is your imagination!

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